Are We Dying Yet?



1. Baseline is calculated by taking the monthly average temperatures during 1951-1980. This time period is used by scientists to evaluate temperature anomalies.

2. Historical monthly average temperatures are plotted from smoothed values, taking 10 years of temperature data 5 years before and after a said year.

Data Source
1. County Historical Weather Data: Vose, Russell S.; Applequist, Scott; Squires, Mike; Durre, Imke; Menne, Matthew J.; Williams, Claude N., Jr.; Fenimore, Chris; Gleason, Karin; Arndt, Derek (2014): NOAA's Gridded Climate Divisional Dataset (CLIMDIV). NOAA National Climatic Data Center. doi:10.7289/V5M32STR.

2. Current Weather Data: Powered by Dark Sky.

3. Fedreal Communications Comission Census Block API. Disclaimer: This product uses the FCC Data API but is not endorsed or certified by the FCC.

How's Boston today?






How's has the climate in this area changed?

There's a 2°F change in

City, State

Historical Avg Temp in Jul

If this continues globally...
Arctic ice will be loss. Did you say you like polar bears?